Since 10.2 of MariaDB, InnoDB has become default storage engine for Maria. If you’re developing a career as a computer programmer, a web developer, or a similar role in computer technology, learning MariaDB will prove useful in your career. Many businesses develop and maintain custom software with MariaDB and the similar software.

what is mariadb used for

It is the default MySQL type database system in the standard repositories of most if not all major Linux distributions including RHEL (RedHat Enterprise Linux) and Fedora Linux. It also works on Windows and macOS, and many other operating systems. It is used as a replacement for MySQL database system in the LAMP (Linux + Apache + MariaDB + PHP) and LEMP (Linux + Engine-X + MariaDB + PHP) stack. Therefore, learning MariaDB is a good foundation for your career in computer technology. These documentation pages are your best resource for learning MariaDB in detail.

Open architecture: storage engines

The MariaDB software runs on Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems; it’s available on Intel and IBM Power8 hardware platforms, and runs as a service on several cloud platforms. Supported programming languages include C++, C#, Java, Python and others. The first release of MariaDB, known as version 5.1, became available for production uses in early 2010. Versions 5.2, 5.3 and 5.5 followed, and then MariaDB 10.0 was released in 2014.

  • However, the choice between MariaDB and MySQL largely depends on specific use cases, requirements, and the personal preferences of the user.
  • MySQL is a widely used open-source database management system that powers many popular websites and applications.
  • It provides your standard ACID-compliant transaction features and has support for foreign keys.
  • Therefore, learning MariaDB is a good foundation for your career in computer technology.

Incidentally, it’s not a good security practice to use the root user unless you have a specific administrative task to perform for which only root has the needed privileges. MariaDB Server can split database loads on several servers and optimise for scaling. PostgreSQL, in contrast to MariaDB, began as a research project, focusing on features, rather than performance and stability. MariaDB’s predecessor MySQL followed a pragmatic approach, less functionality, but with a focus on performance, stability and ease of use. Since then, the differences between the two have been reduced, with MariaDB focusing on more fully implementing the ANSI SQL standard, and PostgreSQL on improving its performance.

Is there a Perfect GUI Tool for MariaDB/MySQL?

Competence in MariaDB, among other skills and qualifications, can be beneficial to roles involving data storage, manipulation, retrieval, backup, security, and restoration. Hostinger uses the MariaDB database server on the Shared, Cloud, and WordPress hosting plans. Access your hPanel to check the installed version of MariaDB. Backed by the Oracle Corporation, MySQL is an ideal option for customers looking for steady improvements, consistent updates, and 24/7 enterprise-level support. Despite its cost at $5,000/year, MySQL Enterprise Edition comes with the highest scalability, reliability, and security levels. That said, you get access to expert support and enterprise-grade features by purchasing a MariaDB Platform subscription.

The last record in the above table has no matching value on the left. The OUTER keyword has been placed within square brackets because it is optional. The records have been ordered but with the prices in ascending order. This is similar to when we use the ORDER BY clause without either ASC or DESC attributes.

Linux Server Monitoring Tools

A downloadable PDF of much of the documentation is available here. This statement will delete all rows from the table books for the author_id given. To do a clean job of it, we’ll have to do the same for the authors table. We would just replace the table name in the statement above; everything else would be the same. Notice that the primary table from which we’re drawing data is given in the FROM clause.

what is mariadb used for

When a user connects to MariaDB, they can optionally specify a default database. A default database can also be specified or changed later, with the USE command. If an InnoDB table doesn’t have a user-defined primary key, the first UNIQUE index whose columns are all NOT NULL is used as a primary key. If there is no such index, the table will have a clustered index. The terminology here can be a bit confusing for SQL Server and other DBMS users. A clustered index in InnoDB is a 6 bytes value that is added to the table.


Windows users may be interested in gsapi (which supports Windows authentication, Kerberos and NTLM) and named_pipe (which uses named pipe impersonation). If you don’t plan to use any of hire mariadb developers these features on a server, it is possible to disable the binary log to slightly improve the performance. In MariaDB SQL, schema and schemas are synonyms for database and databases.

what is mariadb used for

DBeaver is a popular open-source database tool that supports various databases, including MariaDB and MySQL. With its intuitive user interface, code completion, data visualization, and data analysis features, it offers extensive database management capabilities. DBeaver is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS, catering to developers on different operating systems. Its design, administration, reverse engineering, and data modeling functionalities make it a powerful choice for developers. GUI tools enhance productivity by providing intuitive interfaces that make database management user-friendly. These tools offer features like schema design, data modeling, and database administration.

The Binary Log

Although this is possible in MySQL, the feature is only available in the paid enterprise edition. MariaDB is an open-source fork of the MySQL database, which means you can use it for free. In case you run into trouble or need to solve a particular problem, you’ll easily find help online, such as on StackOverflow.

MariaDB Rule 2.12 Announcement – Yahoo Finance

MariaDB Rule 2.12 Announcement.

Posted: Tue, 26 Sep 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

As is typical of client/server computer systems, the server and the client programs can be on different hosts. MariaDB server is available under the GPL license, version 2, and its client libraries for C, Java, and ODBC are distributed under the LGPL license, version 2.1 or higher. In addition to web usage, MariaDB can be used for stand-alone applications ranging from enterprise transactional and analytical systems down to mobile devices, embedded with other software. That said, keep in mind that MySQL has been around for a longer time than MariaDB, which means there are more resources available to you.

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In that context, the default database is the database which contains the procedure. The default database will only be valid for the rest of the procedure. InnoDB has background threads that take care of flushing dirty pages from the change buffer to the tablespaces.

what is mariadb used for

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