At RisingStack we’ve been building highly performant web applications in the past 8 years, taking responsibilities for back-end, front-end and ops roles as well. We believe that to create successful products, a company culture that values collaboration and communication between developers and operations teams is necessary. hire javascript programmer It is not enough to embrace automation and strive for continuous improvement. Having a shared understanding of the goals and objectives within the organization is a must, and that can only happen if everyone is speaking the same language. In a nutshell, hiring a remote JavaScript developer can be a daunting task.

  • We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and objectives, and tailor our services accordingly.
  • Developers that find their JavaScript job through WeAreDevelopers are more likely to find their dream job compared to general job boards.
  • RisingStack helped us to carry out an internal Kubernetes cluster audit for TIKI’s Data Science Platform.
  • Identify your requirements and desired skill set for the JavaScript developer.
  • Uplers offers a no-risk trial period of up to 2 weeks for our talented JavaScript developers .
  • Some companies will also require one more onsite interview or whiteboarding session with your future team.

Thus, debugging and ensuring a desired quality of the code is another important challenge a JavaScript Developer will encounter. Therefore, the ability of the developer to assess their code with a critical eye and efficiently collaborate with QA teams can often make or break a product. Originally built for Netscape Navigator in 1995, JavaScript saw a significant growth in popularity in the last two decades and it has arguably become one of the most versatile programming languages. It has expanded beyond web development and is now used to create different modern software from video games and software running on NASA equipment to Blockchain technologies. Uplers offers a range of JavaScript programmers for hire, including junior, mid-level, and senior developers.

Javascript Developer Salary – May 2023

It now runs on all modern browsers and web applications and has become an industry standard. Duties and ResponsibilitiesTreaty Bodies Capacity Building Program has two major web applications running on Javascript / TypeScript technologies, mostly based on React.js and Next.js. There are also several back-end technologies that can be used with JavaScript, such as Node.js and Express.js. Ask the candidate if they have experience working with any of these technologies and how they integrate them with their front-end work.

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And if he or she has dealt with similar projects before, they will be in a better position to handle your project. Just years ago, hard skills were enough for a developer to get highly promoted in the profession. Employers did not care how outgoing, creative, and curious a person was. Now to the tech stack testing, you need to be interested in the developer’s soft skills.

Candidate or agency hire

Pentalog is a digital services platform dedicated to helping companies access world-class software engineering and product talent. With a global workforce spanning more than 16 locations, our staffing solutions and digital services power client success. Yes, you can test the skills of your Javascript developers before hiring them. Additionally, Our rigorous vetting process filters out the top 3.5% talent so you don’t have to do the hassles of hiring. However, you can still test the skills and interview the shortlisted candidate as per your requirements.

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All the recruiting work is done already, and you only pay an hourly rate. Small, midsize, and big businesses should decide in advance which model is best suited to create or maintain their product. Easily end the collaboration with the react developer by request in 2 weeks. Alex delivered 10+ Angular apps for banking, healthcare, and e-commerce fields. He has a 9.4 NPS score from existing customers and has excellent management skills.

Improved Performance & UX of a PWA

Vitalik has helped companies in the industrial automation and consumer goods fields with the supply of interfaces long-term. His main focus is Angular and Angular JS, but he is also skilled in developing Node JS projects and Chrome extensions. Presented the personalized PWA Workshop to multiple dev teams of different companies which greatly helped them build Performant PWAs for their clients. Feel free to check our recommendations for senior developers here. First, you should choose whether you want to learn to develop only the client-facing application that users see on their phones and browsers, the invisible back-end APIs, or both. We are looking for an experienced remote Lead Full Stack Node.js Developer to join our team.

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Hire dedicated JavaScript developer who can build custom software solutions to meet unique business needs, utilizing agile development methodologies to deliver quality code on time. For those who already produce a product or present a project, it is a great idea to work with an outsourcing or outstaffing firm. At the same time, big companies with 100+ people are better to create their staff of JS coders or cooperate with large IT firms. They have a lot of experience working on products from scratch and can adequately organize the process and think through the product development strategy.

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We will help you get the right developers to move your project forward. We match you with experienced and specialized app developers within your domain. Noteworthy are also the final beneficiaries of the product or the final clients.

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