From dance to music, haitian wedding customs add a unique flair to any big day. Learn about these fascinating cultural customs to discover what precisely makes a haitian wedding one-of-a-kind.

In Haiti, the very best man and maid/matron of honor expect to have an important role to play. That they escort the bride and groom down the aisle, are sitting down with these people at the end from the aisle with respect to the ceremony, and sign wedding ceremony license afterward. The couple’s witnesses as well attend the wedding and are sitting behind the groom, generally with the bridesmaid.

A Haitian wedding may be a celebration of family and way of life. The food offered is usually sendiri o ve pwa (rice and beans), salads, plantains, pikliz, and different meat dishes including roasted chicken, pork, goat, or griot. In some cases, a lot may live together and save up their money for years before engaged and getting married. They simply get married when they’re able to pay the cost of a marriage and reception.

The Haitian bridal gown is typically bright white but can be any color the new bride prefers. The bridesmaids generally wear very similar dresses and the groomsmen are furnished in suits or tuxedos. They personalize with ties, bowties, and suspenders/braces in colorings that match the bride’s costume if possible. A few brides as well choose to wear head-cover that cover anything from small crowns to significant hats sparkling with with feathers and gems.

Through the reception, dancing is a favorite activity. The newlyweds also relish the dessert, which is sent to all of them unsliced so they can easily eat this for several days and nights after the wedding.

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